Larrikin Tales of the Brisbane Valley: Vol 2

Larrikin Tales of the Brisbane Valley: Vol 2

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In 2006 we were again in need of Christmas stories because Nanango mayor, Reg McCallum had just been awarded the Outdoor Recreation Award for 2006 for establishing a rail trail from Blackbutt to Linville down the Blackbutt Range.  The following year the then Qld. Minister for Infrastructure and Planning provided funding for the development of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail, initially from Wulkuraka to Blackbutt.  Our members were in party mode.

They read that no students attended the Fernvale School for four weeks after it was opened because the children were needed to pick cotton instead.  By the end of the year there were 70 children enrolled from German families who had spoken no English before attending school.  The Mt. Esk teacher was not so lucky.  After paying one shilling a day for drinking water to be carted from Sandy creek for his 43 students without remuneration he resigned at the end of the year.  The Mt. Beppo community developed its town band before developing the town and Lowood larrikins built a “Bunyip” that was supposed to be eating calves.  £200 reward was offered for its capture and hunting parties patrolled the river for weeks.  The travelling Dairy Instructor (1892/3) reported on the “fossilised ideas of Esk farmers while there was only one man eligible to vote at Fernvale in 1888.  By 1890 the Fernvale community was hoping for a police presence “so that budding burglars might be over-awed.”

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