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Some of the texts below can either be printed via the link or purchased from our Shop

Larrikin Tales of the Brisbane Valley, Volume 1

As a Christmas present to the region at the end of 2005, Brisbane Valley Heritage Trails recorded a few of the larrikin stories that were well known in each of the communities from which our members came 

This first volume was dedicated to the late Councillor for Nanango, Kevin Allery, so the early stories are his. To cope with a bully in his school you needed a good story, a hat, a phantom cockatoo and some fresh cow pooh. Its application to cyber-bulllying is as yet untested. And a dead black snake on a school path beats a polite introduction to the prettiest girls hand down for a local larrikin who can tell a good story with a straight face

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Larrikin Tales of the Brisbane Valley, Volume 2

In 2006 Volume 2 was written because we were again in need of Christmas stories because Nanango mayor, Reg McCallum had just been awarded the Outdoor Recreation Award for 2006 for establishing a rail trail from Blackbutt to Linville down the Blackbutt Range.

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Robert Williams of "Stonehouse"

According to the 1851 UK Census, Robert Williams was born in 1843 at Almondsbury, Gloucestershire as the third son of Charles Williams and Mary Ann Barnett.

This Articles describes the life of Robert Williams and his immediate family and the building of the now famous "Stonehouse".

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History of the timber industry – Nanango & Surrounds

(by Elizabeth Caffery)

This book provides the reader with a wealth of information on the establishment of the timber industry and the "icons" who made the industry such an important one to the region.  It  can be purchased at the Nanango History Room at Ringsfield House, 41-45 Alfred Street Nanango..