E/Card Introduction

Brisbane Valley Heritage Trails invites you to download and share their electronic postcards of the towns and trails of the Brisbane River Valley.  These ‘happy snaps’ came from members and friends of BVHTs and we are particularly indebted to C. Lowe, C. Aitken, L. Caffery, J. Holt, A. Schumacher, V. Jones, K. Crumpton, B. Blunt and Jan&Jo for their support.

The grant funding for the acquisition of photos, design and management of the e-cards within this website was received from the Bendigo Bank with our sincere thanks.


Some of the postcards demonstrate a larrikin view of the world and others have crept up on the serene beauty of the valley.  There are things to do and things to see; hidden treasures and blatant joys that need an artist’s eye to remind us that familiarity sometimes breeds contempt.

Inevitably there are also stories and mysteries.   How did Barrow Annie (Great Outdoors) get its name?   What larrikin carved the wooden Yarra Man in this timber town (Town Trails)? Who was the last fettler in the fettler’s hut (Rail Trail) on the Blackbutt Range?   Red Ned Kelly is guarding the railway sign at Ottaba (Rail Trail) and Kendall’s Bellbirds (Wild Life) have made a permanent home near Benarkin.  The stories go on and on.

Do join us and share the adventure, the heritage trails, the gentle beauty and the quiet country ambience of the Brisbane River Valley.   And if you have a photographic treasure of your own to share, please send it via the email address on this website.   We would love to hear from you.

Welcome to the Brisbane River Valley.

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